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Our beers are intended to be the focus of attention, and not a product you drink while doing something else.
They have character, wit, and have a lot to say. Talk to them and they will reveal their stories.
Category: Local craft beer
Flying Dodo BLONDE 5%alc, 12IBU, 12.2Plato
Blonde ale with Galaxy hops (Australia). Light, slightly bitter, fruity aroma, a blonde with character.
Food pairing is ideal with pizza and chicken dishes, or like what you would normally pair white wine with.
Flying Dodo NATION'ALE 5.9% alc, 17 IBU, 14Plato
Semi-sweet top fermented with 9 types of malts and some herbs added like a proper druid! Our definition of smoothness...
Food pairing is similar to red wine which is mainly red meat.
Flying Dodo N E I P A (New England IPA) 6.6 %alc, 25IBU, 16Plato
Like a beer smoothie with plenty of fruity hop aroma. Naturally cloudy. One of our best recipes.
Food pairing is simple: goes with everything!!
Every month we brew a new batch of lndia Pale Ale. We change hops and the way we dry hop. Bottom line is a hoppy beer for craft beer lovers. In general an IPA is strong, has a lot of hop flavour (usual floral notes), and is bitter. Often, very bitter.
Flying Dodo OLD STYLE BELGIAN WIT 5%alc, 18 IBU, 12Plato A traditional Belgian Wit beer (wheat), brewed with orange peel, coriander and of course, our touch, with Perle, Saphyr and Cascade hops.
Food pairing: goes well with sea food.
EVERY month, we brew a new beer we never did before. We either try our version of a popular beer style, or we invent our own with new ingredients and new recipes. When the batch is finished, we brew something totally new next. That's how it has been since our official opening in 2012...
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